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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Waiting For Summer

The grass is finally starting to turn green and the fruit trees are finally flowering in northern Canada. I'm still waiting on my peonies to mature enough to bloom however and the water is still too cold to swim in at the lake. I know this because I almost froze my ankles and feet off trying to help husband launch the fishing boat on the weekend. I think kids would chance it. They don't seem to feel the cold water at all.

Here is the second quilt I ever made (13 years ago). I had no money so used whatever fabric I had on hand. It is machine quilted but now that I've rescued it from the linen closet I think I'll add a little more hand quilting.

These are our new deck chair cushions which husband picked out. At first I was a little annoyed that I hadn't been consulted but I think he picked the right ones. Quite nice for Canadian Tire merchandise.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My next quilting project is a medallion quilt that I'm designing as I go (on the left). The sweater is from the book "Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines". I am knitting it with 1824 Cotton. The pattern is knit from the top down making fitting (and finishing) a snap.

Monday, June 15, 2009

First Entry

This is the beginning of my knitting, quilting, sewing blog. I love things that are folky, primitive old fashioned or rustic. I'm on a mission to "feather my nest" with hand-made items. Our home is quite the hodge podge of antiques, modern furniture, and modern art.

The irony is that all this "feathering" is happening at a very odd time in my life. My daughter is ironically going to boarding school just as I am having more time to create the kinds of things we both love. She also loves old fashioned, rustic things and is quite a good little knitter and sewer (just finished her first sock, and it fits!). Our dream is to live in a house filled with home made items.

I'm hoping that she'll check out my creative diary every once in a while so she can see what Mom is up to. With this hope, I will be addressing my blog entries to Dear Lyndy starting in September. Even if she doesn't visit very often it will make me feel more connected with her and I'd love others to visit as well. Hopefully I'll have something worthwhile to share.