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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've done a fair amount in the last year but haven't been blogging very much.  Summer was all about my daughter being home from boarding school.  We had a great time the three of us (husband, daughter and I) at the family cottage in Ontario.   She decided to go back to boarding school despite my diabolical plan to show her how wonderful life could be at home :  friends, mom doing her laundry, mom baking for her, Sunday dinner, mom helping her clean her room,  mom basically being her slave etc..  All to no avail;  we took her back in September.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm really proud of her independant spirit, and her brains.  A big part of me, most of me is happy if she's happy, wherever that is.  I just miss her so damn much.  Empty nest syndrome is happening to me about 4 years earlier than I expected and it's the pits.

If that weren't enough my doctor informed me that menopause was upon me.  She is not my usual doctor.  Just a young thing with the world by the tail.  Thanks for informing me that my ovaries are "frying up".  Just wait till yours fry dearie.

Sorry about the whining.  Hope to have some pictures as soon as I find either my cell phone or my digital camera which have been lost in our home renovations.  Kitchen is almost done.  It is the one thing making me giddy with delight.  Life could be worse.  That's something I have to remember.  I'm a lucky women "frying ovaries and all.  PS  vitaming D and Calcium and Magnesium supplements have stopped wild menopausal mood swings.  The nurse told me to take them when the doctor was out of the room for a minute.  Thank God for nurses with experience.

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